Brighton Table Tennis Club Direct Debit

Sign up to a monthly direct debit for your BTTC membership, make a saving and support the club. You will receive a free BTTC hoodie if you sign up to the monthly direct debits.

The cost is £35 per month for adults and £40 for juniors (under 18s and for invitation only sessions). The concessionary rates are 50% of these prices.

Currently the cost is £10/week which represents a yearly cost of £520. By signing up to this direct debit, you are saving a minimum of £100 a year and are supporting the club by making our finances more sustainable.

This subscription gives adults unlimited access to: All Comers, 50+ and Adult Coaching sessions (9 sessions a week) and for the juniors: 4 sessions during the week and unlimited weekend access.

There is no minimum sign up period and direct debits can be stopped at any time.

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