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Every donation you make makes a difference and helps us to welcome everyone who wants to play.

Brighton Table Tennis Club - donate

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Every donation you make has a direct impact on people who play at the club. We are committed to making sure that we always welcome everyone to play at the club and your donations help make that happen.
£100 could pay for someone to have unlimited play at the club for three months
£25 could pay for a Sanwei bat for one of our players
£10 could pay for someone to take part in our table tennis sessions who wouldn’t be able to play otherwise

Thank you

Make a monthly donation

We know that you are as committed as we are to making sure everyone in our community can be part of the BTTC family and play table tennis. We never want cost to be the reason that stops anyone from playing with the club. That is why we are asking if you will pay it forward and set up a monthly donation to make it possible for someone else to play table tennis with us
£35 a month could pay for one of our young players to train at the club as often as they can and benefit from being part of our community.
£20 a month could pay for someone to have one to one coaching to improve their game and grow in confidence on and off the table.
£10 a month could pay for someone to play weekly at the club or any of our outreach sessions.

Thank you